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In celebration of 3 years of P20 at our Tysons location, we are celebrating with 3 Raffle Prizes for 1 month each of EMS Sessions.  Just click here and indicate you are entering the Raffle

EMS accelerates your fitness results for more strength & a body shape change.
There are several reasons why someone should try P20 | EMS:

1. Time Efficiency - EMS allows for a highly efficient workout, engaging more muscle fibers simultaneously, achieving a full-body workout in just 20 minutes.

2. Improved Body Composition - the combination of increased muscle activation, enhanced metabolism, and calorie burn during and after the workout contributes to improving body shape.

3. Injury Rehabilitation - EMS provides a joint friendly workout that can assist in muscle recovery, prevent muscle atrophy, improve blood circulation, and aid in regaining strength and mobility.

4. Sports Performance Enhancement - Athletes can benefit from EMS to improve their training and performance by increasing power, speed, endurance and enhancing neuromuscular coordination. 


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P20 Strong

All clients start here with P20 Strong as they acclimate to training with EMS Technology.

This program kicks off the Body Shaping and Toning results that comes from strength training.  


 For those clients wanting an extra cardio workout. 

Our P20 HIIT program delivers overall strength with an additional metabolic booster.

P20 Power

Getting stronger is progressive with P20 Power.

An excellent program for those men who enjoy a powerful workout. And for those women who want to sculpt their bodies for maximum definition.

Special Features

The EMS device offers a number of beneficial features such as core & relax; cellulite reduction; recovery program; pain relief feature. 


By sending electric impulses to the muscle through the motor nerves, and doing simple exercises, EMS stimulates even weakened muscle connections. Both slow and fast twitch muscle are activated from the start so that a more intense, although low impact, level of training is received.

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P20 | EMS Studio 

See our clients in action doing EMS with our World-Class Trainers inside our studios.

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